How to travel Istanbul Turkey on a budget

Istanbul is located in the middle of almost everything. Absolutely filled to the brim with sights, sounds, and tastes, it bridges the gap between Europe and Asia, the East and West. As Turkey’s largest city and seaport, it encourages one to explore, to be surprised by the overflowing baskets of mysterious spices, street-side barrel organ […]

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How to travel Siem Reap Cambodia On A Budget

Everyone likes travelling. Not only is it a stress-buster, but also provides relief and makes you refreshed from your daily work routine. Having said that, it does come at a cost. Literally, at a cost. However, with the right travel package from a reputed travel agency, your trip can fit well within your budget and […]

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How Smartphones Make Travel Better

Sometimes it can be very hard to move from point X to point Y, especially if it involves traveling by air and living in hostels. Traveling to unfamiliar places, looking for taxis and lining up, all these can add up to exhausting for any traveler. When the smartphones came into existence, this did not change […]

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Facts About Singapore You Did Not Know!

Singapore is one of the most sprawling metropolis’ out there. It is a global commerce, finance and transport hub. Beyond the picture-perfect skyline and the lively city centre, there’s still so much more to Singapore for visitors to discover. If you would want to find out some amazing things about Singapore read on. Singapore is […]

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Tips for Travelling to Legoland Malaysia

Legoland is the perfect spot for those who love theme parks.  Legoland is found in Johor, Malaysia. There are so many things you can do in this little heaven on earth.  Your experience will be one that you will remember for the rest of your life. Whether you are traveling with your partner, parents, sister […]

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Explore Lisbon Portugal For Less

In these hard-hitting financial times, Portugal looks like an extremely smart option for a holiday. It is economical and uncomplicated to get to for independent travelers, and it offers some of the best-value package holidays in the Euro Zone. If you steer clear of touristy gimmicky bars and restaurants and eat and drink with the locals instead, […]

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