Top Reasons to Visit Mulu Caves

The Mulu National Park is among the best national parks in Malaysia. The park features so many amazing sceneries that you can enjoy. The park is located at the heart of the Borneo Jungle. If you are looking for a place where you can experience the true nature of a jungle, then this is the […]

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Visit Katmandu Nepal On A Budget

Mountains have always been a fascination for not only trekkers, but also to people willing to witness a breath-taking view of the world. There is no better place to get a clear overview of a massive distance than climbing to the top of the tallest mountain. Nepal has always been a place where it has […]

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The Vegetarian Backpacker or Traveler

When vegetarian travel around the world, many people often wonder what and how they eat. Sadly, many people still think that the fact vegetarian doesn’t eat meat makes them substantially disadvantage, they assume they can’t eat anything else. However, there is a wide array of food that vegetarian can eat including but not limited to […]

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Visit Amsterdam The Netherlands On A Budget

While travelling is a hobby for some, others find travelling to be the best stress-buster of all time. Rightly so, travelling can ease a mind and with so many historical and beautiful locations around the world, it cannot get any better than wandering about and living the life to the fullest. The Netherlands has always […]

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Travelling To New York Can Be Cheap

New York is the hub of all things but most these things cost some money if not a lot. Hotels, subway fares, and plane tickets to get to NY in the first place, the cost of travelling to New York adds up fast. What most people do not understand is that there are plenty of […]

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Tips For Travelling Rome Italy On A Budget

They say Rome was not built in a day. It is absolutely correct. And neither can you roam Rome in a day and be done with all the sites that are on offer. One of the most beautiful places on earth with jaw-dropping monolithic structures of statues and buildings, Rome is surely a paradise on […]

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